Booktrailer Film Festival

A meeting place and discussion about reading and its promotion mode through the language of cinema

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Booktrailer Film Festival

A meeting place and discussion about reading and its promotion mode through the language of cinema

The good Booktrailer

The good booktrailer has all the qualities that Italo Calvino thought to ferry in the literature of our millennium: lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility, multiplicity.


The winners of the 1st European edition

1° Prize
"It’s dark, almost night"

Ali the compositional elements in this booktrailer are happily harmonious. Even if it could be more engaging, it is a work showing an expressive maturity, a suggestive photography and a giving tension editing while at the same time evoking the atmosphere of a thriller. The look of the end credits has been appreciated by the jury.  

2° Prize
"Il Ciclope"

The originality of this idea balances out a rather didactic script. At the same time the use of images direct[y taken by the British Museum makes this work an accurate combination of originai materials and suggestive elaboration, using media languages which are particular[y suitable for the advertising and the web.  

3° Prize + Accessibility Award
"Il cielo cade"

The photography and the choice of the protagonists, whose spontaneous interpretation has been preserved, recall a text atmosphere which is at the some time intimate and dramatic. The intense and rarefied music and the voice of the protagonist are evoking both the time and the originai setting of the story, projecting the readers into the historical context of the book. 

Accessibility Award
For its sound quality which, giving the text fragments ajournal-like taste, and portraying the narrating voice according to the sense of the writing, has been able to immediately immerse the Jury ( composed of visually impaired subjects) in the perfect atmosphere of the story. The verbal and paraverbal codes and the non verbal sound have a significant leve[ of internal coherence and adherence to the type of book presented.

1° Prize Teachers Award
"18% Gray"

This ironical{y animated booktrailer narrates, with firm hand, good rhythm and entertaining ability, the story of a man with a difficult persona[ situation. How will it end? On{y the reading of the book will teli us.

1° Prize Students Award
"L’amico immaginario"

This booktrailer, by means of an outstanding expressive capacity, is particular[y able to evoke the essence of the book. The photography and the editing create suspence and curiosity. The choice of the words is effective, caustic and essential. A suspence-growing music accompanies the spectator throughout the narration.