• Created by:
    Ilaria Galeotti
  • City & Country :
    Reggiolo (RE) - Italy
  • School Name:
    Liceo statale Rinaldo Corso - Reggiolo (RE)
  • Book author:
    Mary Shelley
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  • Book publisher:
    Oxford University Press
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The booktrailer narrates the classic Frankenstein with the creature’s point of view, because it is an underestimated vision. Many readers paint the being as a monster without analysing the reason of its behaviour and, above all, they do not consider the fact that it tried to become more human. To reach its objective he dealt with long and lonely journeys, it studied and helped people, keeping its figure hidden. When it decided to reveal itself, they refused and sent it away. Because of the anger obtained from this event it changed into the monster, which its creator thought it was since the birth. The readers themselves, conditioned by this vision, judge it a monster too. The aim of this booktrailer is to make people think and understand the reason of its transformation and leave an interrogative mark. Who is the real monster?