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Booktrailer Film Festival Competition Announcement

The Booktrailer Film Festival is promoted by Calini's Scientific High School. The website and the related Facebook page are its official information channels. The Booktrailer Film Festival is a place of meeting and discussion about literature and and the ways it is promoted through the cinematographic language. It engages schools, libraries, bookshops , authorities, associations and websites aimed at the promotion of cinema and literature.

A crucial moment in the contest is the autonomous making up of the booktrailers by upper-secondary students.

The high school students engagement and creativity are here involved to create short videos aimed at spreading love and interest for books

The staff of Booktrailer Film Festival


A competent Jury, led by a film critic, designates the winners of the “Jury Prize” and awards the prizes.

A working team ,composed of teachers, students, parents and experts, organizes the competition, which is to be repeated annually, and all the initiatives related to the Festival.

A Scientific Committee composed of some leading figures in different fields (cinema, literature, art, music, advertising), chaired by the headmaster, guarantees the cultural quality of the initiative.

The names and biographies of the members of the Scientific Committee and the Jury can be consulted on the official website

Who can take part

The Booktrailer Film Festival contest can be attended by individual students, groups of students or whole classes of upper secondary schools who have entirely filled in the registration form available on the competition website and, at the same time, have copied the link of their booktrailer ,from January 15th to March 20th, 2017.

The choice of the book to re-elaborate is free.

How to sign up for the contest

The sign up request is free and it must be forwarded, together with the link of the booktrailer in competition, during the period between January 15th to March 20th, 2017, through the subscription form that can be found on the festival website.

The form must be compiled in all its parts, including the book synopsis, the credits and the disclosure license, otherwise it will be excluded from the participation to the contest.

As regards the protection of copyrights, Instructions are available on the website, since the booktrailers authors are responsible for any possible violation. The form must be filled in directly on the Festival website. The booktrailers link must be posted on the same Festival website, from January 16th to March 19th, 2017. This last will have been previously uploaded by the competitors on their personal YouTube channel but in an unlisted form, in order to make it accessible to the Booktrailer Film Festival Jury and the technical staff. The booktrailer must be unpublished, otherwise it will be excluded from the participation to the contest.

The authors of the works who are willing to participate to the Contest must post on this website:

  • The link of their Booktrailer; published on Youtube in an unlisted form, with the author's name.
  • The subscription form filled in with all the information required, including the information about the book synopsis, credits and the disclosure license of the audiovisual in competition.

The subscription form must be filled in together with the booktrailers uploading on youtube in an unlisted form: it's impossible to perform these two operations in different moments.

Participants are responsible for compilation errors, including those about the booktrailers link. The Booktrailer Film Festival staff is not responsible for checking and reporting these errors.

Every student can only present one booktrailer. In the case of group works the participants are allowed to present one more booktrailer individually or in another group.


Essential requirements to validate the participation

Keeping in mind that the choice of the book is free, the booktrailer:

  • Cannot last more than 3 minutes, including the credits.
  • Cannot contain copyrighted material and/or a third person intellectual property.
  • Must be linked from 16 January 2017 to 19 March 2017 on the contest website upon subscription, after having been published on Youtube in an unlisted form.
  • Must be unpublished.
  • Cannot be disclosed, or shall be invalid.
  • Must be provided with a subscription form completed online ,together with the contextual loading of the booktrailer on Youtube.
  • Can be in every language, even foreign languages.
  • Must have English subtitles, these last must be embedded in the video according to the youtube uploading procedure, but not embedded in the Booktrailer.
  • Must be the result of the students’ autonomous work. Teachers can only play a cultural solicitation role and a stimulus to work.
  • The title must be the same of the book.

Jury award and audience award

There are two different prizes for the contest

Jury Award

The Booktrailers selection and reward are to be valued and judged by the Festival Jury only, the judgment of which is unquestionable, and they are made public on a date to be determined, presumably in April or May, in Brescia, seat of the Festival and of the Calini secondary school, the school that organizes and promotes the Festival, according to the methods and the program published online.

The members of the Jury will meet for the first time on Tuesday 6 th April 2017 at 15.00 and for the second time on Friday 7 th April at the same time. The Jury values the booktrailers and award a cash prize to the three best works in this way:

  • 1st prize: 1000 and a plate
  • 2nd prize: 600 and a parchment
  • 3rd prize: 400 and a parchment

Further mentions and/or prizes could be given for the works of particular value.

Because of the attention that the Festival pays to the theme of accessibility, the Jury will be committed to give a special mention to the most accessible booktrailer for blind and partially-sighted people.

The award ceremony will take place during a public evening event with the participation of a guest star on a date that will be communicated on the website, on the Facebook page and by the newsletter.

Audience Award

One of the Booktrailers in competition will also be awarded, during the same award ceremony, with the Audience Award: the public will choose by voting on a postcard. The prize will be given before the announcement of the Jury's choice and it will be sponsored by the publishing house Marcos y Marcos.

Awarding prizes criteria

Jury Prize: The jury of experts, chaired by a film critic, indicates the winners of the Jury Prize with the assignment, independently and at its unquestionable judgment, of the cash prizes on the basis of the following criteria listed in no order of priority:

  • creative originality in the creation of images and footage.
  • promotional capacity and effectiveness of communication.
  • personality of the literary interpretation.
  • significance and density of the message itself.
  • level of overall artistic quality.
  • level of technical quality of images, sound, editing and rhythm.

The awards are accompanied by a written justification that is made public during the awards ceremony and that will appear on the website.

Audience Award: the popular jury, composed by the audience of the awards ceremony, operates in heterogeneous and personal criteria.

Final informations

The subscription form of the Festival implies the unconditional acceptance of this announcement.

The program and the timetables of the projections are under the responsibility of the Festival.

The Booktrailer Film Festival Working Team, that is to say the organizer and promoter of the event, can make decisions on any matters not included in this notice.

All the collected Booktrailers are to become part of the Booktrailer Film Festival Archive for any future teaching or study purpose.

The Booktrailer Film Festival reserves the right to network and / or use the booktrailer on a royalty free basis, only for cultural purposes and not for profit, to promote cultural exchanges, special projects , collaborations with other institutions and organizations etc.

The works selected for the competition might also be published online without any commercial purpose on website, in connection with the high school website

All rights related to the work are owned by the authors. Responsibility for any property rights violation in the use of images, sounds or videoclips is to be ascribed to the Booktrailer authors.

The Court of Brescia is responsible for any dispute.