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    Richard Dawkins
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Have you ever wondered how life on Earth came into being? Is there somewhere in Space a different

form of life? Why do animals behave like they do, not differently? Are aggression and egoism our

natural qualities? How does our brain work?

Humans have always asked questions. Thanks to this we are thinking beings. We can say that we

exist because we realise that we live. But do we really know why we are here?

Perhaps ,,The Selfish Gene” doesn’t solve our existential problems, but it definitely shows them in an interesting way from a biological point of view.

,,The Selfish Gene” is a fascinating book which at times may become very controversial. However,

everyone will certainly find something for their own use admitting that reading it wasn’t a waste of

time. Even an average reader, who doesn’t know scientific vocabulary, can learn about the theory of

origin of life and how it functions formed by Richard Dawkins. You can get a lot of information out of

this book. But you can also get nothing out of it. Everything depends on you.