• Created by:
    Lora Todorova
  • City & Country :
    Sofia - Bulgaria
  • School Name:
    105 SU "Atanal Dalchev" - Sofia
  • Book author:
    Jan Costin Wagner
  • Book language:
  • Book publisher:
    Еднорог/ Unicorn
  • ISBN code:


A woman dies in her husband's hands. He is the commisar of the criminal police and is so desperate he can't assimilate the cruel death. He has to investigate the completely strange death of another young woman. Soon he realizes he is dealing with extraordinary killer, so wicked, that there's a possibility he could be left unknown. The killer works in complete darkness and silence - like he is doing everything possible for his victims not to suffer. Two mentally hurt men face each other and in order for life to go on both have to face their enemies - death and fear.