• Created by:
    Lyubomir Zhivkov
  • City & Country :
    Sofia - Bulgaria
  • School Name:
    105 SU " Atanas Dalchev" -
  • Book author:
    Zachary Karabashliev
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The main character, Zack, is a Bulgarian who moves to the USA after the fall of the Berlin wall. The story begins nine days after his wife has disappeared. Drowning his sorrow in denial and huge amounts of Martini, Zack makes a hasty trip to Tijuana and returns from it in a stolen car with a bag of marijuana in the boot. Half-mad after the loss of his Stella, he leaves his 9 to 5 job and sets on to a journey across America. The crazy adventures on his way are intersected by flashbacks from his past in Bulgaria – his falling in love with Stella in the first years since the fall of communism. Some of these stories are finely stylized notes on politics - pretty honest about the naive hopes of those years. Then the past stories continue to their life in the USA until past and present meet in a powerful twist at the end of the book. In fact every small episode with the people he meets on the way has a twist of its own so you will have a hard time putting it down.

The two lines of narrative now and in the past – both in Bulgaria and in America are completed by a third layer of dialogues between Zack and Stella – no context, no beginning, no end. The dialogue is a character, a story, an action. As for the title - if you are a photographer, you already know what it means, otherwise you will get to know through one of thise floating conversations. The language is straightforward and bold. Some episodes are in your face but the whole book is about facing what we fear. So, be brave and ride along!