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    Vincenzo De Vivo
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    Salerno - Italy
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    IIS " Genovesi-da Vinci" - Salerno
  • Book author:
    Giuseppe Ayala
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The renowned judge Giuseppe Ayala goes back through his adverse and tricky past. He tells us about a stunning story, remembering the fervour of the friendship he stroke up with Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone, both murdered by the most terrifying criminal organization ever existed. They were alone against unscrupolous enemies, against an unfair reality they proved to be brave enough to fight. They plucked up the courage to lead a sort of revolution, not minding the consequences. That's why Giuseppe Ayala goes a long way to make any reader understand the importance of those two men, who have been able to turn our inward wishes and hope into something real, something eternal.