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    Desvignes René
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    - France
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  • Book author:
    Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
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  • Book publisher:
    Albin Michel
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“The sumo wrestler who could not gain weight” is a French novel written by E.E Schmitt and published in 2009 by Albin Michel.

This social novel blended numerous themes as difficult childhood, self-acceptance, fight but also strength, luckiness, serenity and love.

It relates the story of Jun, rude Japanese street boy who lives in the streets of Tokyo, far away from home and family. One day, he meets a master of sumo wrestling, who tells him he sees “something big in him” while Jun’s thin body shows the total opposite.

Thus, he’ll discover the most mysterious of the martial arts: the sumo wrestling. Thanks to it, Jun will find an unsuspected world, a world filled with strength, intelligence, peace and self-acceptance. However, how can reach an ideal peace of mind when we’re only pain and violence? How can become a sumo wrestler when we cannot get fat?