• Created by:
    Kamila Kobylarczyk
  • City & Country :
    Nowy Targ - Poland
  • School Name:
    Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących nr 2 w Nowym Targu - Nowy Targ
  • Book author:
    Harlan Coben
  • Book language:
  • Book publisher:
    Wydawnictwo Albatros Sp. z.o.o. 2017
  • ISBN code:


‘’The Woods” written by Harlan Coben is a thriller full of riddles, human problems and unsolved cases from the past. 20 years ago during the summer camp four young people died in the mysterious woods. However, bodies of two of them have never been found. This secret murder emerges when a lawyer Paul Copeland realizes that a recently shot adult man is actually one of the missing teenagers from the past. Both hope and anxiety arise in him-is his sister, who was also said to be murdered back then, still alive? What really happened that night? Whose fault was it? Answering these questions leads to surprising clues and forgotten facts.