• Created by:
    Eefje Kil
  • City & Country :
    Eindhoven - Netherlands
  • School Name:
    Van Maerlantlyceum - Eindhoven
  • Book author:
    Ernest van der Kwast
  • Book language:
  • Book publisher:
    Nijgh & Van Ditmar
  • ISBN code:


Mama Tandoori is a Dutch semi-autobiography by Ernest van der Kwast about his mother: Veena van der Kwast. Mama Tandoori is written from the perspective of Ernest, Mama Tandoori’s son, but we decided to film the booktrailer from the perspective of the mother, because of her absurd, hilarious and moving character.

Veena van der Kwast is from India and she grew up in poverty. In India, she was the nurse of the ill captain Rajesh Mudgal. Mama Tandoori and the captain fell in love but the captain’s father disapproved and sent her away. Veena promised the captain to write letters and to come back. But when she moves to the Netherlands, she, marries a Dutchman: Theo van der Kwast. Together they get three sons, who don’t meet her sky-high expectations. The oldest son is mentally handicapped, the middle one marries a Moroccan woman (‘marrying a Muslim is even worse than divorce’) and the youngest, Ernest van der Kwast, becomes a writer, instead of an economist.


Veena van der Kwast is anything but normal: she is always extremely on the hunt for discounts, bargains and offers. Her motto is: “Free is good”, even though it’s useless junk. For example: one day she buys a load of cat food, solely because it is on offer, while not even having a cat. Every man Veena (armed with her trusty rolling pin) meets is eventually beaten to submission: the real estate agent, the bus driver, and especially her husband and sons. ‘It wasn't uncommon in my childhood for roti to be off the menu, because the rolling pin was broken again.’


The music is made by Bram Scharpach (a other student from the Van Maerlantlyceum) especially for this booktrailer.