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    Małgorzata Wąsala
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    Katowice - Poland
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    Szkoła Podstawowa numer 56 imienia Henryka Sławika w Katowicach - Katowice
  • Book author:
    Barbara Kosmowska
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"Gold-plated fish"

"Gold-plated fish" is a novel  for young people written by Barbara Kosmowska. The book describes a few months  in the life of Alice ,a  teenager  living in a big city. This period is a time when Alice changes a lot  and gets more mature . Alicja experiences and accepts  changes in her life that began a few years earlier.

At that time, she was, as she calls it, "a very spoiled only girl" and did not really know much about the world. It was time when suddenly, in Alice''s comfortable and safe life, something changed - parents divorced, and her father moved out of the house to another woman. It is very difficult for the girl to accept these changes, it is even more difficult to accept that her father''s partner gave birth to a baby boy , Alicja''s half-brother.

Over time, she caught a good contact with her brother. Alicja gives Fryderyk a gold fish which is supposed to fulfill his wishes, but it does not fulfill its task. After this incident the boy  says  the fish is  not gold, it’s only gilded. Unfortunately, at the end of the book, Alice''s younger brother dies.

From that moment, the girl thinks a lot about life and death. Fortunately, she reconciles with the lost  of her brother and often remembers him.