• Created by:
    Aleksandra Kokalik
  • City & Country :
    Nowy Targ - Poland
  • School Name:
    Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących nr 2 w Nowym Targu - Nowy Targ
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„It’s dark, almost night” is a novel written by a Polish writer and publicist named Joanna Bator. It was published in 2012 and has been translated into several languages. The book has been valuated and appreciated in Poland where the author received The Literary Nike Prize  in 2013.

The novel itself is a combination of several genres: a crime fiction, a psychological and gothic novel as well as a horror.


The protagonist is a journalist called Alicja Tabor, who comes back to Walbrzych, a home town which is situated in Lower Silesia. The city is famous for Książ Castle as well as a legend of princess Daisy. Alicja returns to write an article about three kids who have disappeared in strange and mysterious circumstances. Trying to solve the puzzle, she delves into her own past and her family history. She makes dramatic discoveries but is she able to solve the mystery of missing children? What  shocking truth about the death of her mother and beloved sister will be revealed? Is she going to find out who she really is?