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    Jure Šebalj
  • City & Country :
    Karlovac - Croatia
  • School Name:
    Gimnazija Karlovac - Karlovac
  • Book author:
    Karl Bruckner
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  • Book publisher:
    Van Nostrand Reinhold
  • ISBN code:
    ISBN-10: 0442011504


The day of the bomb (Sadako will leben) is a book by Karl Bruckner, one of the internationally most successful Austrian youth book authors. It is a book about the fate of Sadako Sasaki, the Japanese girl that had survived the atomic bombing over Hiroshima but about ten years later eventually became its victim. With horror the doctors detect the onset of radiation induced leukemia 10 years after the bomb. In the hospital Sadako begins to hopefully fold 1000 cranes out of gold paper. According to a Japanese legend the gods will fulfill everyone a wish that folds 1000 paper cranes –Sadako would then be healthy again. In the end even the American doctors want to believe in this miracle, but after the 990th crane Sadako loses the fight against the disease The fate of Sadako Sasaki is real and caused worldwide concern. Sadako became a symbol of a worldwide peace movement. A statue has been built in her memory in Hiroshima. It shows the girl standing on a symbolic bomb, letting a crane fly.