• Created by:
    James Capisani
  • City & Country :
    Milano - Italy
  • School Name:
    Liceo artistico Umberto Boccioni - Milano
  • Book author:
    Ray Bradbury
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Guy Montag works as a fireman in a dystopian world where  it is illegal to own books. The firemen’s job is to burn them instead of fighting fires.


Montag meets Clarisse, his thoughtful and curious next-door neighbour, and her natural questioning leads Montag to begin to question himself and the world around him.


His wife Mildred is ignorant and addicted to the TV and the radio. She overdoses on sleeping pills, but is rescued by nonchalant technicians. This scene demonstrates how little people care about each other, or even think for themselves in this world.


During a routine book burning Montag steals a book from a fire; in this fire the woman who owns the books lets herself be burned inside her burning house.


Mildred tells Montag that their neighbour Clarisse is dead and this disturbs Montag greatly. It causes him to become ill and stay home from work. His captain, Beatty visits him at home. That day Montag shows the books that he has stolen to Mildred.


Montag makes friends with Faber, who is an English professor that he  met in a park and once talked about literature with.


Firemen respond to an alarm at Montag's home, his wife turned him to fireman and she is leaving permanently, Montag is forced to burn his own home as captain Beatty mocks him,

 Beatty hits Montag and his earpiece falls out and says they'll track whoever is on the other end, Montag snaps and burns Beatty alive.


Montag runs away joining others who memorized books in the hopes of writing them again, jets bomb the city and civilization to rubble as Montag and his group of book lovers watch.


 Montag joins them as they return the city, hoping to rebuild society from scratch.