• Created by:
    Stefania Ciobanu
  • City & Country :
    Bucuresti - Romania
  • School Name:
  • Book author:
    Lisa Strømme
  • Book language:
  • Book publisher:
    Humanitas Fiction - in Romania, Chatto & Windus - first published in April 2016
  • ISBN code:
    9786067791778 - Romanian


THE STRAWBERRY GIRL (Chatto and Windus, 2016) - http://lisastromme.com/my-books/ 

Synopsis made by Lisa Stromme: 

„Summer 1893. In the Norwegian town of Åsgårdstrand, Johanne Lien is a sixteen-year-old strawberry picker. She is also an exceptional painter but is yet to discover her own talent. Naturally attracted to the artists that flock to her town every summer, Johanne is especially drawn to the enigmatic recluse Edvard Munch, rumoured to be a madman and a drunk.

When Johanne is sent to work as a housemaid for an admiral, she strikes up an unlikely friendship with the admiral’s youngest daughter. Fiery and rebellious, Tullik Ihlen is also drawn to the mysterious Munch and encourages Johanne to forge a friendship with him. When the young women start visiting the artist at his cabin, Tullik falls in love with him, and a secret romance quickly develops between them, one that Johanne must help to conceal.

But Munch is a complex and tormented man, haunted by death, anxiety and insanity. His troubled disposition has a disturbing effect on Tullik and what begins as a flirtatious summer romance gradually descends into a darker struggle between two tortured souls. Their pain leads to an outpouring of creative work, culminating in the agonising cry of The Scream, a painting that would change the world forever.”