• Created by:
    Andrea Baci
  • City & Country :
    Monteleone d'orvieto - Italy
  • School Name:
    Istituto Superiore "Italo Calvino" -
  • Book author:
    Elena Ferrante
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“L’amica geniale” by Elena Ferrante talks about the story of a friendship between two girls, strong and at the same time conflictual. Lila and Lenù grow up in a poor district of Naples, a place impregnated by the misery and the violence. 

Their childhood is spent between quarrels with parents, between raids on the street; it seems like there is not an another future for them,  if not trough school: if you are good at the study, maybe you can live the district and have a better future.

Lila is good at school, almost brilliant, while Lenù, hasn’t the same results of the friend. With the adolescence everything changes: Lila can’t continue the studies, because her parents are poor while Lenù continues the school and that will be very important for her life, but Lila will continue to have her trasgressive creativity.

Will the two girl leave the district?