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    federico caricchi
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    Lia levi
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    Edizioni e/o
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Genova 1932:in the family rimon there are marc,the father, that was born in Oland but he also have an english passport; Emilia, the mother,and Alessandro,a Child of 5 years old that,because He is very intelligent, He starts the school before the other children.with them live the grandpa Luigi and ,in the same city , lives his uncle Osvaldo and his aunt Wanda. Their life was good,but in 1938 ,with the emanation of the razial laws, it becames very difficult:Alessandro must leave the pubblic school and He must go in a jewish school;the mother have to dismiss the housekeeper and get off the radio. From the Austria arrive a family of jewish that need help and they found it at rimon's home at from Osvaldo; after some Times the austrian family go to search Liberty abroad. The family rimon take a meeting in Livorno and they decide that remain in italy is good but after they want to escape from the nazist. At the end, with the help of Fausto, a their relative, they get some fake passport and escape in switzerland