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    Laurie Halse Hnderson
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Lia and Cassie are friends from childhood, girls frozen in their fragile bodies, competing in an absurd deadly race to determine who among them will be the leanest. Lia maniacally counts the calories of everything she eats and at night when her parents do not see her, she gets tired of gymnastics to burn fat. The few times he eats, he tries to ingest things that hurt him, like ultra-fast food, so he "punishes" himself for eating. He gets wet with water to trick the scales on the days when they weigh it. When it exceeds in food it resorts to laxatives and spends time reading the blogs of loragazze with eating disorders that support each other. In his most poignant and poetic book after Speak, National Book Award finalist, L. H. Anderson explores the awesome descent of a girl in the vortex of anorexia.