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    Gianbattista Busonera
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    Sciacca - Italy
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    Enrico Fermi - Sciacca
  • Book author:
    Fabio Geda
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    Einaudi Editore
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Through the struggle of a young boy forced to become an adult by himself, and with all the lightness in which he is a teacher, Fabio Geda tells us about the effort and the wonder of finding a place in the world. Among early loves, distracted fathers, mothers confuse and inconvenient secrets with which to reckon accounts.


"That morning, I remember, in the parking lot of the mall, from the van, grabbing the shotgun from the backseat, I glanced down at the wood and realized that the sun was rising over the countryside like a bruise. It was October. I was fifteen. "


Ercole is barricaded on the roof of a shed, armed and covered by the police. With him there is Luca, who is six years old. How did they end up there?


Ercole Santià spends his childhood recreating the daily tears of life. He and his sister Asia is a joke with imagination and stubbornness - along with his father, a character as inadequate as innocent; yet, like everyone else, they grow up, go to school, fall in love. Until, suddenly, everything around Hercules begins to collapse. Nothing seems able to stop the avalanche that is overwhelming him, not even Viola, the girl who has long illuminated his days. Convinced that he was never written in the blood of his family, he is about to give up when he learns that his mother, who has not spoken for years, lives not far from him. The meeting with the woman is a choice to react by making a dramatic choice. The only possible, perhaps, if he wants to change his destiny and protect the people he loves.