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    Mariagrazia Contartese
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    Rovato - Italy
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    Lorenzo Gigli - Rovato
  • Book author:
    Naomi Alderman
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    Penguin books
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The shape of power is always the same: it is infinite, it is complex, it is forever branching. [...] A human being is made not by our own will but by the same organic, inconceivable, unpredictable process that drives the roots to spread in tangled complications. There is no shape to anything except the shape it has. Our dreams are more true than our waking.

What if girls developed an ability able to subvert the power kept by men until now? What if this power spread to all womankind? What if men began to be excluded from social life and reduced to semi-slavery?

In a dystopic future, four characters, with different stories, personalities, lifestyles and principles, show the overturning of the society as we know it. The world passes from the patriarchal scenario to one who sees women as the new leaders. The appearance of the power, at the beginning, seems a good change, a way to rebel to the injustice and the violence of men, but soon it turns into a dangerous weapon of killing and destruction. In fact, too much power is harmful and dangerous no matter who owns it.