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    Francesco Lamorte
  • City & Country :
    Angera - Italy
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  • Book author:
    Sanne Munk Jensen / Glenn Ringtved
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Louise live in Aalborg, Denmark. She is 17 years old and she goes to high school. Her parents are nice. One day she meet Liam, a guy a bit older than her, and they fall in love together. They find a little flat in the city and they love, between sex and drugs, without any limit. Liam has many dreams, but really bad ideas on how to realize them. He start to work for Johannes, a drug dealer, a "big fish". At the beginning everything seems fine, but then everything get bad for them. It's useless asking ourselfes why Louse didn't run away when she were able to. She just didn't do it. this story is the "why"