• Created by:
    Michelle Anema
  • City & Country :
    LEENDE - Netherlands
  • School Name:
    Van Maerlantlyceum - Eindhoven
  • Book author:
    Arjen Lubach
  • Book language:
  • Book publisher:
    Uitgeverij Podium B.V.
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IV is a thriller, a detective, in Dutch, from the famous Dutch writer and TV host Arjen Lubach. The story is about an aold state secret of the Dutch Royal house. The intelligence service tries to keeps the secret as dark as possible, but due to he killing of the father of the innocent Elsa that will be very difficult. The book tells about a carchase of hours between the eader of the Intelligence service and Elsa and he friends. The secret will be revealed at the end of the book and tells a lot about the history of the Dutch royals...