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XII European Competition Edition

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The winners of the XI european edition

Seven booktrailers were awarded during the Booktrailer Film Festival's Final Award Ceramony on the 20th April, at the Teatro Sociale in Brescia.
The Italian jury watched a lot of high quality projects but only five were selected.
For the first year, also the booktrailers selected from the Polish, Bulgarian and French Jury were among the list of works during the Award Ceremony.

Italian Jury's First award
+ European Students Jury’s award
+ Audience Award

"Gli incubi di Hazel"

Gli incubi di Hazel

The speed of the editing gives a rapid rythm to the narration, the outstandig scenographic setting, the ironical and grotesque acting performances have allowed this booktrailer to reach a high and effective level of quality.  

European Students Jury’s award
For the interesting choices about the style and the way the narrative has been carried on. A special relevance is given to the cast, the location and the music, which is able to convey an evocative and mysterious atmospher.

Italian Jury's Second award



This is an outstanding work because of its original scenographic interpretation, in particular through the idea of an imposing and controlling eye, casting a creepy shadow on the dull atmosphere created by the lighting as sharp and as cold as torture.  

Italian Jury's Third Award

"Il giorno degli eroi"

Il giorno degli eroi

The historical setting in the book is conveyed through accurate and precise images, in the remembrance of an innocent mankind, among uniforms, objects and the places of Memory. 

Accessibility Award

"Il deserto dei Tartari"

Il deserto dei Tartari

For the high quality of the sound which is able to convey the setting very clearly without a didactic text. It has moreover been able to find an effective and creative way to get the attention and enhance the curiosity of the spectators whilst minimizing any explicit information. 

European Teachers Jury’s award



In a black and white omologating tones, metaphor of an oppressing social context, the sensuous attraction for a mysterious woman, raises a boy to a world of ideal Beauty, harmonizing with the musical charm, in an emotion suspended between Dream and Reality.

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