Polish National Jury

Aleksandra Sadowicz Sadowicz

A graduate of Film Studies and International Cultural Studies at Jagiellonian University, since 2010 she has been cooperating with the center of culture in Nowy Targ as a moderator of film shows. She is a chief editor of the portal nowytarg24.tv and a journalist for Cable TV in Nowy Targ. She used to work as a journalist for film service of Wirtualna Polska.

Michal Szczepanski

Paweł Wiktor Ryś

Former student of Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących nr 2 im. św. Jadwigi Królowej in Nowy Targ (maturity exam 2008), a PhD candidate at Polish Department of Jagiellonian University. Interested in the issue of class racism, dichotomy of “the lord” and “the boor” in Polish literature and “the plebeian turn” in the newest Polish Humanities. Currently he is working on the PhD thesis “Social divisions and the category of race in ‘The Trilogy’ and the contemporary novels by Henryk Sienkiewicz”. His articles have been published in the following journals: „Czas Kultury”, „Fraza”, „Konteksty Kultury”, „Pamiętnik Literacki”, „Ruch Literacki” and various collective monographs whereas his film reviews have appeared in „artPAPIER”, „Popmoderna” and „Reflektor”. He has been an award winner of scholarly contests (Jan Józef Lipski Polish National Contest of MA Thesis – XIX edition), scholarships (the best PhD student of Jagiellonian University) and poetic contests (the Zbigniew Herbert “O Liść Konwalii” – XXI edition).

Agnieszka Kania

Agnieszka Kania PhD – a teacher of Polish who works at the Faculty of Polish Studies of Teacher Education at the Department of Polish Studies of Jagiellonian University. She is the coordinator of regional preliminaries and the juror of Wojciech Korfanty National Elocutionary Contest. The author of the book “Young Polishman in classes of Polish. Polish studies education and formation of national identity”, as well as “The lesson of absence and presence. Polish and Jewish heritage in Polish education”. She is an active participant of film workshops and conferences and also the chairperson of The Association of Creative Polish Studies Education.

Katarzyna Drąg

Katarzyna Drąg PhD, the graduate of Polish Philology and International Cultural Studies. Since 2011 she has been working at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow. She is an associate director of the Institute of Journalism, Media and Social Communication, an assistant professor of Media and Social Communication Chair. Her research interests: learning about communicating, cross-cultural communicating, issues of multiethnicity in historic aspect (XIX century multiethnic communities) as well as theoretical one; the problem of forming and evolving of the ethos of a journalist (since mid XIX century). From 2005-2008 she was a participant and organizer of multicultural seminars for the UE program “Youth in Action.” She is a member of Polish Society of Social Communication.

Anna Janus-Sitarz

Anna Janus-Sitarz prof. dr hab., is in charge of The Department of Polish Studies in Teacher Education and the Center for Educational Research and Continuing Education at the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Chairwoman of the Education Committee at the Committee on Literature Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences; the author of over 150 books, textbooks and scientific articles on literature, theatre and education.

Anna Jagoda Mrożek

a graphic artist, an instructor and animator. The graduate of Graphic Arts at the Pedagogical University in Cracow. The former student of the Antoni Kenar Art High School in Zakopane where she majored in woodcarving. The former student of Fryderyk Chopin National Music School in Nowy Targ. She is involved in animation and graphic techniques as well as wooden sculpture, painting and drawing. She has created many animated short films shown in Poznań, Gdynia, Warszawa, Kraków, Rabka Zdrój, Nowy Targ and also abroad. In 2012 she took part in FINC (Festival Internacional de Cinema) in Baía Formosa, Brasil. She received the artistic scholarship Sapere Auso in 2011 and 2012 for special artistic achievements. She is the originator of the project “ I animate my city” and also the art director of International Day of Animation in Nowy Targ. In 2017 she was the juror of the International Festival “Kinolub” in Cracow in the animation contest entitled “This is how I see it”. She is the founder of Film Studio Effata Anima, which organizes film workshops and educates children as well as teenagers on photographic stills.

Gabriel Wolski

An artist associated with Nowy Targ, a painter, a sculptor, an illustrator, a graphic designer, a designer of adverts, book artwork and other publications, a curator of annual Amator Ductile Work Contest, an initiator of sculptural setting “ Sit in the city.” Since 2004 he has been presenting his works in Poland and abroad (Geneva and Beirut). He works in the Cultural Centre in Nowy Targ and is a co-founder of the Association “Dalej Podhale” where he works on series of film documents “Legends of Podhale.” He also co-operates with the Cable TV in Nowy Targ as a film editor and a camera operator.