Monika Stachoń

A teacher of Polish and culture studies in Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących nr 2 im. św. Jadwigi Królowej in Nowy Targ. She has participated in numerous conferences which allowed her to develop her interests in art. These included workshops in the Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw and National Museum in Cracow. For the last two years she has been an active participant in Film Studies Conference in Radziejowice. Under her supervision students of our school participate in the program “New Horizons of Film Education.”

Michal Szczepanski

Agnieszka Kania

Agnieszka Kania PhD – a teacher of Polish who works at the Faculty of Polish Studies of Teacher Education at the Department of Polish Studies of Jagiellonian University. She is the coordinator of regional preliminaries and the juror of Wojciech Korfanty National Elocutionary Contest. The author of the book “Young Polishman in classes of Polish. Polish studies education and formation of national identity”, as well as “The lesson of absence and presence. Polish and Jewish heritage in Polish education”. She is an active participant of film workshops and conferences and also the chairperson of The Association of Creative Polish Studies Education.

Katarzyna Drąg

Katarzyna Drąg PhD, the graduate of Polish Philology and International Cultural Studies. Since 2011 she has been working at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow. She is an associate director of the Institute of Journalism, Media and Social Communication, an assistant professor of Media and Social Communication Chair. Her research interests: learning about communicating, cross-cultural communicating, issues of multiethnicity in historic aspect (XIX century multiethnic communities) as well as theoretical one; the problem of forming and evolving of the ethos of a journalist (since mid XIX century). From 2005-2008 she was a participant and organizer of multicultural seminars for the UE program “Youth in Action.” She is a member of Polish Society of Social Communication.

Anna Janus-Sitarz

Marek Sydor

My name is Marek, and I am a student who has been dedicating my time to cultivating my passions for photography and filmmaking. I create tutorials, reviews, reflective films, and capture a multitude of photographs. I also collaborate with companies, including DJI (drones, gimbals, and more), Lantre (authorized Apple reseller), and Peak Design (backpacks, photographic bags, and more). I manage my profiles on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok under my own name

Dorota Gołębiowska

I'm Polish language teacher and film educator.

Wojciech Odoj

Marta Woźniak