Booktrailer Film Festival

A space for meeting and discussion on reading and its methods of promotion through the language of cinema.

An international school competition with prizes.

The Booktrailer Film Festival is aimed at all Italian and European high schools after having obtained, in 2016, an Erasmus + funding and two funding from the Cinema per la Scuola - Good Practices, Reviews and Festivals for the A.S. 2017/2018 and 2018/2019.

Close to April 23, International Reading Day, it organizes initiatives that involve citizens of all ages and expand into different spaces, from schools, to cinemas, to theaters and squares.

In the evening it ends with the awarding of the relative booktrailer competition, in the presence of either a writer or a director or an actor of national fame.

The increasingly active participation of schools from different European countries has led for years several delegations of teachers and students from abroad who live in the city of Brescia and participate in excursions, workshops, presentations and screenings.