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Web platform For interactive personalized and collaborative learning

The web platform will allow a collaborative work and a community learning process, and will have the aim to give the school partners useful work-tools as document editors, personal cloud services, social network, forums, wikis, calendars, groups and chat to freely plan, discuss, work on and share their videos and products of research.
It will also be possible for students and teachers to create their virtual classes or groups. An administrator will take care of the technical update of the platform along with the moderation of the forum and the availability to answer the questions coming from teachers or students.
A continuous helpdesk service will be granted by Mimesis technicians to give sudden help and assistance to the users.
Webinars and online interventions will be organized to give advice and training on specific issues, by technicians, teachers and experts.

The front-end website will collect and present the results of the student's works, along with the contents of presentation of the Booktrailer Film Festival and any other typically useful information. The videos will be embedded on the website using players of the most popular Video Platform such as YouTube and/or Vimeo. The front-end website will be design-responsive as well.

Every school partner will have a dedicated section where to share contents and news in the mother tongue, while other common sections of the platform (the general forum, the training contents, the helpdesk section) will be in English.

During the duration of the project and over, the booktrailer community will be encouraged to get in contact with other on-line-communities, to get specific training, to collaborate, in a sort of two-year internship that may also steer their skills to a professional solution and make them visible for potential stakeholders.

Booktrailer Guidelines informal learning recognition State of the Art

This activity aims at gather and disseminate projects results and evaluation through

  • a detailed report on the educational activities applied in the project
  • a state of the art, in each participating country, concerning the recognition and assessment of informal learning by formal education system
  • a detailed report of the results of the activities in terms of student's literary preferences, quality of the realized products, teachers and students considerations and evaluation of the activities.

The output will be accessible on every school website, on the project platform and on the project website and it will be addressed to the direct beneficiaries of the project (students and teachers) and to the indirect ones, such as the students and teachers of partner countries secondary schools and other relevant stakeholders.

The guidelines will be published in an e-book, edited by Mimesis, and will be also a dissemination mean.

Booktrailer Re-creation of a book

A booktrailer is a complex product that puts together literature, cinema and ICT: this complexity of plans allows students, working alone or within a group, to manage different competences and to create a product that reflects conciseness and effective communication.
The booktrailer is the key output of the project, being at the same time an educational activity and a tangible product.
The booktrailer permits to create a meeting point among students and teachers around the re-creation concept: re-create a book with the images power, not by showing the book synopsis, but realizing an innovative shift between different languages.
It is a particular kind of re-creation, since it usually is not done on its own, but in collaboration with others: a product that reflects an “us and not a “me”; this is particularly important in education systems, which usually ask for solitary performances and which usually reward competition.
It is not important whether the booktrailer is more a short movie or an advertising product, the importance is that it says something about its creator/s personality and skills.
The booktrailer is a creative challenge, a try to tell, or better to interpret, the spirit of a book. One of the most important aspects is the balance between the word and the image; a quite good knowledge of the visual language is requested to give the right value to the word, to not let it be devoured by the images.
The Italian workshops will give to the students the chance to go deeper into this particular features.

The booktrailers will be either in English or in mother tongue (with English under titles), and will have to respect clear and shared requirements (as regards its duration, the copyright policy, etc), that will be defined by the partners during the first transnational meeting.

The aim of this output, under an educational point of view, is to approach adolescents’ to literature in a learned-centred, collaborative and informal way, exploiting the digital language, that is closer to their world and interests.
Students themselves will choose what book to work on, they will have to mobilize all their linguistic, creative and expressive skills to succeed in creating a good product.
In this process teachers will be “the competent other” that will sustain the training activities managed by students, alone or in small groups.

Tasks and activities

Every participating school will have to identify one or more classrooms (at least one) which will take part to the activities.
Every partner school will have to create at least 5 different booktrailers.
During the activities, teachers and students will experiment an ICT based learning and teaching activity, trough the use of the web platform to have access to the training contents and to the social spaces, where to find peers and technicians help and suggestions.