What is a booktrailer?

A booktrailer is a video of a few minutes that invites, through images and sounds, to read a book.

A book trailer does not tell a story, it communicates its suggestions.

A book trailer is a complex product that brings together literature, cinema and ICT.

It has a circular function, which starts from the book and returns to the book, to promote its dissemination.

This complexity of plans allows students, who work alone or within a group, to manage different skills and to create a product that reflects conciseness and effective communication.

It is an educational activity and a tangible product. The booktrailer allows you to create a meeting point between students and teachers around the concept of re-creation: recreating a book with the power of images, not showing the synopsis of the book, but creating an innovative shift between different languages.

It is a particular kind of re-creation, since it is usually not done alone, but in collaboration with others: a product that reflects an "us" and not an "I"; this is particularly important in education systems, which usually require solitary performance and which usually reward competition.