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The mobility activities will be an important moment to test in small groups of students, coming from all the partner schools, a learning methodology based on peer-learning activities, where teachers are the “competent others”, and that focuses on the use of ICT.
The experience gained through these mobility activities will be disseminated by participating students to their entire classrooms and, through the web platform to the whole participating schools.
They will be a crucial experience for the accompanying teachers as well, who will be involved in activities with other teachers, exchanging their best practices, and with students.
The mobility activities will foresee the organization of different workshops, each one addressing a crucial feature of the booktrailer activity: film editing and shooting in France, C1, Visual language in Italy, C2, art of the images, communication and digital strategy in Italy, C3.

They will also provide a contribution to develop students and teachers skills in terms of teamwork, social relations, planning and undertaking project activities, intercultural learning, using ICT.
They will give students and teachers the opportunity to practice foreign languages and work in multicultural groups, stakeholders, share information and knowledge, function as an actual learning community.

The first mobility in France, C1 hosted by Licée Camus

The first mobility in France, C1 hosted by Licée Camus, will foresee a workshop, which will be animated by the Teacher Mexis, thanks to his experience in cinema, literature and English, and will involve the participation of experts that will give the students the basic knowledge on the technical issues of video shooting and editing.
All teachers involved in the mobility will work with colleagues and students and will exchange their best practices in reading activity promotion.
The mobility will also include the participation on the jury activities of the Fréjus Short Film festival, it will be for students a great opportunity to take part to the film selection activities.

The second mobility in Italy, C2, hosted by Liceo Calini

The second mobility in Italy, C2, hosted by the Liceo Calini, includes a workshop on audiovisual language and will be animated by experts who already collaborate with the school in the activity of the jury of the booktrailer festival and an interactive guided tour of the "National Cinema Museum of Turin“.

The third mobility, in Italy, C3, hosted by Liceo Calini

The third mobility, in Italy, C3, hosted by the Liceo Calini, will include interactive workshops on the art of images, communication and digital strategy, the storyboard and an interactive guided tour of the "Interactive Cinema Museum, Milan" which will coincide with these mobility activities. with the award ceremony of the European Booktrailer Film Festival, which includes two days of cultural initiatives, debates, interviews and in which students will be actively involved. The accompanying teachers will also be the members of the jury, who will meet their European colleagues for a final discussion on the best 3 booktrailers.
The evening ceremony will be in a cinema, where the best booktrailers of each countries will be shown to the audience.